Two special-effects TV series aired and catching on in 1971 to 1973

—“Silver Mask” and “Super Robot Red Baron”—have been rebooted!

Driven by today’s SFX, CG and VFX techniques, these popular classics have been successfully reborn as an impressive SFX character-featuring film work titled BRAVE STORM.



For the movie BRAVE STORM, Junya Okabe served as the producer, scriptwriter and director.

Even though created under restricted conditions such as in-house production and a moderate budget, BRAVE STORM has realized completely-novel visual scenes rarely seen in conventional SFX movies.

Please see its trailer and you will feel the ultrahigh quality of finished images in this movie.



For the mechanical design, Skan Srisuwan, one of the Asian greatest designers, is responsible, who is also in collaboration with Stan Lee who is famous as the creator of Marvel characters.

For the creature design, Takayuki Takeya is responsible, who is, needless to say, a virtuoso as everyone knows.

For the film music and sound effects, Mike Verta is responsible, who is a longtime partner of Junya Okabe and was also in charge of the film music of Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend.

Besides, creators gather from Japan and overseas, and thus, the film “BRAVE STORM” realizes the original quality and artistry that we have never had in traditional special effects movies.

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